Bento Fund: A Cross-Chain Decentralized Fund Management Platform

Bento Fund
2 min readJul 2, 2021


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Bento Fund is a decentralized fund management platform across multiple chains and aims to reshape the ecosystem of crypto investing. It allows users to delegate investment to star fund managers (also known as Master Chefs), or to actively duplicate Master Chefs’ portfolios and manage the fund by themselves. Bento Fund is integrated with asset protocols, automated market makers, exchanges, and lending platforms, and enables strategies such as DEX trading, margin trading, and yield farming.

Bento Fund creates a win-win for both experienced and novice crypto investors. Experienced investors, who can be Master Chefs, are able to earn from the success of their investment strategies in crypto, while novice investors, who are new to the crypto world, are able to cost-effectively “hire” trusted experts to manage their fund.

Protocol Overview

Bento Fund platform employs a modular architecture consisting of a collection of modular smart contracts where additional components (e.g. modules, factories) can be seamlessly integrated or removed. This architecture is extensible, allowing new features and integrations to be easily added.

The first version of BentoFund Protocol is a Binance Smart Chain-based protocol that enables the following functions:

  • Multi-Asset: Bento Fund enables the creation and implementation of strategies employing single assets, pairs, and 3+ assets.
  • Margin Trading: Bento Fund allows traders to safely implement margin trading through Bento’s native lending pool. This enables traders to take leveraged long and short positions and enables fund owners to mint/redeem positions.
  • 3rd Party Protocol Support for Tokenized Positions: Bento Fund enables traders to take advantage of yield opportunities from 3rd party lending protocols (e.g. Venus) and automated market makers (e.g. Pancakeswap, 1inch, Dodo). In addition, Bento Fund allows the retrieval of airdropped tokens if strategies are employing yield farming.
  • Trader Subscription and Performance Fees: Traders can implement time-based (subscription) and performance-based (profit) fees
  • BentoToken Compatibility: Bento Fund’s BentoTokens are implemented using the ERC20 standard, are fully collateralized by the underlying, can be issued/redeemed similar to ETFs, are trustless, have specified components, units/natural units, and are trustless.
  • Protocol Fees: To allow for protocol sustainability, the Protocol will charge fees for protocol-native transactions such as trading via dutch auctions, borrowing using the protocol’s lending pool, and subscription/profit fee sharing.
  • Protocol Token Distribution Support: In anticipation of a Protocol Token that requires on-chain distribution mechanisms, protocol design will anticipate the needs of token distribution logic.
  • Fund Manager UI: Bento Fund gives Master Chefs greater control over how and when tokens can be minted and by whom.



Bento Fund

Bento Fund is a cross-chain decentralized fund management platform, which aims to reshape the ecosystem of crypto investing.